About Millie and Lou

Deep in the forest lives Millie, a friendly and fearless young girl, with her best friend Lou, a clever yet cautious little cat.

Millie and Lou share the forest with exciting creatures, the ‘Forest Folk’, who are all based on global folklore stories. Millie can’t wait to befriend them, whilst Lou is a little more apprehensive.

This enchanting, pre-school twist on a “Monster of the Week” series delights in the magic of making friends and finding common ground, no matter who you are or where you come from.

This enchanting, pre-school series is a YouTube Original, that draws from creators Mandy Wong and Rory Cooke’s different experiences of meeting people and has been brought to life by the BAFTA-winning Blue Zoo Animation Studio.

Mandy and Rory

Where to watch Millie and Lou...

Tune in to Little Zoo on YouTube to watch the brand new show for children 4 to 8 years old, Millie and Lou! Five new episodes will launch on the 4th, 11th and 18th of March.

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Millie and Lou, best friends forever!

Millie loves meeting new friends and is fascinated with everything around her. It’s Millie’s curious and friendly nature that leads the best friends along on their happy adventures. Despite Lou’s cautiousness, he tries to keep up with Millie - you never know, she just might need him! Millie loves Lou because she thinks he is funny and, with his cute squishy face, what's not to love? Lou loves Millie because she encourages him to leave his comfort zone and surprises him with amazing discoveries in the forest.
Lou isn’t Millie’s pet cat. They are best friends. Lou has always looked out for her ever since she was born, just like a furry older brother.

Make friends with Millie and Lou!

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